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Predictive Dialer for Your Call Center


The primary goal of any call center is to help organizations achieve their customer service and outreach targets. To achieve this, call center agents must be used effectively to ensure they are talking to customers at any given opportunity.

This is however a problem with many phones being left in voicemail, giving busy signals, not picking up, being switched off or in machine answering mode resulting in agents wasting lots of time trying to get live calls.

What Is a Predictive Dialer?

A predictive dialer is a revolutionary call center software that automatically calls a given list of phone numbers in a sequence while screening busy signals, disconnected numbers, voicemail messages, no pick up calls and those in machine answering modes.

Predictive dialer will only connect the call agent to live calls thus making them work more efficient while also increasing their productivity as they will only handle live calls. In the event you have several agents, the software will be able to calculate the number of agent’s available, available lines, average agent talk time among other factors so as to adjust its outbound calling frequency,

For call centers dealing in telemarketing, service and product follow up, surveys, polling, market research, charities and mass notification, having a predictive dialing software is most recommended.

Benefits of Predictive Dialing Software

No Time Wasting

With this software, all your agents will be on live calls most of the time as unanswered calls, disconnected or unavailable lines, busy signals and automated answering services will be left out. The agents will only be connected to live call thus reducing time wasting in the call center

Effective Call List and Lead Management 

Most Predictive dialing software have incorporated call list and lead management tools which help any call center have an effective and working customer call list database.

It filters out ’do not answer’ numbers, unqualified or permanently disconnected lines while organizing customer call history and information. In addition, it organizes calls into leads, sales and call back customers thus giving out a clear picture of target achievements at any given time.

More Productive Call Center and Increased Sales 

In an average call center, predictive dialing software is likely to increase productivity by 150%- 400%. This is because both management and agents will focus more on improving their customer interaction skills and professionalism as issues such as managing call lists and wasting time looking for live calls will not be there.

Predictive dialing software have a quick return on investment as its use will spur call center productivity which in turn results in an increase in sales and profits.

Getting a predictive dialer for your call center is the best way to improve its efficiency and effectiveness.